About Us

To whoever would like to learn about ways to immigrate to Canada or secure permanent residency in the country, please find the following introduction:

My name is Walid Ammaneh. I am an immigration consultant. I help people who have the intention to come to study, visit, or work in Canada settle in this country and potentially make it their new home. I do this by informing them about the criteria the government uses to determine the strength of their candidacy, and advising them on ways to improve their qualifications which in turn helps secure more points in the ranking system used for admission. This requires a strong understanding of clients’ needs and an ability to solve any problems they might have

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Determining the chances of success for an application is done by a careful review of candidates’ profiles. These profiles should provide information about their language skills, the highest level of education they attained, their work experience which indicates transferability of skills, and their age.

One of the main reasons I chose the stream of immigration as a field of work in is that I, myself, am an immigrant. Immigration is not an easy matter. Immigrants run into so many obstacles. It starts at the point of submitting an application and goes all the way to the moment of settlement. Along the way, immigrants have to overcome all kinds of hurdles. This is made particularly difficult by the lack of guidance and information that so often makes it hard to deal with the problems they face.

I came to Canada many years ago as an immigrant from Syria. I worked there, where I lived a good part of my life, as a lawyer. In Syria, I received my law degree and worked under my father in his law office. My time as a lawyer there helped equip me with a skillset that I was later able to transfer and use to provide sound advice in immigration matters to my clients. These skills include legal knowledge, the ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, problem solving, among others.

I learned English when I was a little boy, which helped make the transition to living in Canada much smoother than it otherwise would have been. Language skills are absolutely essential for any immigrant who wishes to live and work; without them, one cannot go anywhere. Whether one intends to study or work, an ability to communicate effectively is indispensable.

I attended the Faculty of General Studies at the University of Calgary where I took courses in micro and macro economics. These courses enlightened my thinking and made me capable of understanding the function of the country in terms of economic, which is something I enjoyed learning.

One of the pillars of the Canadian economy is immigrants, so the Canadian government set up many programs under which it admits newcomers. Some of these programs are based on economic needs and some are based on humanitarian and compassionate reasons. Immigration matters can be dealt with by lawyers and immigration consultants.

Having been in Canada for so long has enabled me to help others in terms of advising them on where to go, what to do and who to speak to in order to get the right assistance.

Recently, I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to help many Syrian refugees deal with matters related to living in Canada. These refugees were admitted into the country as part of the Canadian government’s policy under the Liberal government. I am immensely grateful for the initiative the government has taken in resettling people from my native country.

Finally, I wish everyone who decides to immigrate to Canada success. I can assure you that Canada is a land of opportunity. My life has been a testament to this fact!