1. How does the Canadian immigration department masseur the human capital of the applicant?
    The measurement is based on age, education , experience, and English of French Language.
  2. Does the applicant partner counts on calculating the points?
    Yes, it does.
  3. What is the required human capital of the partner?
    The required human capital of the partner is Education, work experience, and Language.
  4. How could the applicant boosts his/her points for geting a higher rank ?
    The applicant can boost his/her points by:
    1 – Apply at the early stage of his/her life.
    2 – Have higher Education where PHD is better than Master and better than Bachelor and so on…….
    3 – Have many years of experience
    4 – Have good English or French scores.
  5. Does the status of the applicant make any difference?
    Yes, it does. Points are calculated out of 600 points for a single applicant and 560 points for a married applicant so 40 points has to be covered by the human capital of the partner.
  6. How could the applicant gain the provincial nomination?
    Immigration departments of some of provinces visit pool of candidates and select candidates where the provinces are interested in the candidate’s experiences and send him/her a message asking if he/she is interested to live in its province and if he/she is willing to settle in their province then the province asks him/her to apply for “expression of interest”. If the province accepts the application of the candidate then the province issues a letter of nomination.The candidates include the letter in his/her profile in pool of candidates and he/she gets 600 points which is almost an invitation to apply ( ITA )will be received at the next withdraw.Other provinces the candidate has to apply for “expression of interest “ to present his/her desire to live in the province, which he/she is applying to and if the applicant application approved then he/she gets the letter of nomination, but not before the candidate is in the pool of candidates.The applicant includes the letter in his/her profile which is located in the pool of candidates and receives 600 points. At the next withdraw; the candidate receives an invitation to apply (ITA)If the individual gets a job offer within some province then he/she can apply for getting the provincial nomination of the province he/she gets the job offer in it. A letter of nomination will be issued on his/her behalf. The Candidate add it to his/her profile in the pool of candidates and ITA will be received at the next withdraw.
  7. Could any individual gets a permanent residency through investment?
    There are two types of investments:
    First –  is the passive investment where the investor doesn’t have to be involved.
    Second –  is an active investment where the investor should be involved in managing the business.
  8. How much is the amount of the investment?
    It differs from one province to the other and the location of the investment.
  9. Does the investor need certain qualification beside the amount of the investment and if does what are they?
    Yes, investors need basic English or French knowledge, experience in the business he/she is willing to establish and some education.
  10. What is the start up visa?
    It is a program that is designed to attract dynamic entrepreneurs around the world, get them in to Canada, and give them the support they need (including funding) to build businesses that can compete on a global scale and provide jobs for Canadians.
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