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Permanent Residency

Permanent Residency​

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Permanent Residency Agency in Toronto

Foreigners can stay in Canada in different status, but the major one, which concerns many, is the permanent residency. Permanent residency can be acquired by applying under different programs. Canadian government sets up many programs in order to respond to the economic need of the country as a whole and in response to the needs of Canadian people individually, and in response to humanitarian and compassionate reasons.

The Canadian government is concerned about the well-being of Canada economically. Therefore, the country needs investors, educated, skilled, and trade people.

Canadian government sets up the following programs:

– Federal skilled workers

– Federal skilled trades

– Canadian experience class

To be accepted into the above programs, the interested person has to submit his/her Resume. The department of immigration will have a look over the Resume, so if it finds it useful then it includes it in a pool of the interested applicants. Each Resume is assigned certain point according to the applicants’ Education, Canadian Experience, Language, and age. The total points are 600.

The applicants, who are admitted to the pool, have to submit their Resume to a job bank.

Periodically, the Federal government selects people from the pool of the interested people according to their assigned points and send them an invitation to apply. The selection process goes to the highest gainer of the points until the Federal government gets what it needs.

Today, the lowest point gainer, how got an invitation to apply, is 432 and the trend, so far looks, will go lower.

Interested people in the pool can boost their points by having a job offer. Some offers can boost their total points by 200 points if it is a managerial type or 50 points for other kinds of jobs.

Canada contains many provinces and the need for getting newcomers differ from one province to the other, therefore the federal government set up an agreement with all the provinces, where each province can set up its own eligibility criteria so the applicant can get the nomination of any province when he/she fulfill its terms of its eligibility. The nomination would increase the points of the applicant by 600 points and makes him/her more eligible, which enhance the possibility of acceptance.

Program Benefits

Being a permanent resident leads to many privileges, which makes him/her almost as good as a Canadian citizen because permanent resident could not occupy an official office or be elected to the House of common.
Citizenship could be acquired after being physically in Canada as a permanent resident for four years. Some permanent residents leave Canada for various reasons and this might affect their residency requirement for acquiring the Canadian citizenship or it might lead to losing their Permanent residency when they don’t accumulate 2 years every five years, so permanent residents should be careful about the residency requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

The measurement is based on age, education , experience, and English of French Language.