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Permanent Resident Cards

Permanent Resident Cards

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Permanent Resident Cards

Permanent Resident Cards serves as an ID evidence, and immigrants receive the card after they tell the immigration department their address in Canada ِِAfter their arrival. If they don’t receive it within 180 days then they have to apply for it.

Refugees claimant within Canada who got the determination of their status as refugees have to apply for it within 180 day.

Permanent Resident Cards should be renewed every five years. The application for renewal should takes place nine month before its expiration and there is a fee for it.

If you leave Canada without PR card then you have to apply for a travel document through the closest Canadian Embassy to you.

If you don’t have 730 days of being in Canada for the last five years of your application then you might be denied the renewal unless you have reasons or you have ties to Canada and the decision is up to the officer and you have the right to appeal if you denied the renewal.

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