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Temporary Residence

Temporary Residence

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Canadian temporary residency visa permits

People come to Canada for different purposes with no intention to stay for very long. Some of them come as visitors just to find out what Canada looks like and to enjoy the traveling and some come to study, which give them the opportunity to stay if they wish to. Also, other people come to make some money on a work permit.

Visitor’s visa

The applicant should show the officer that he/she has enough funds to finance the trip and also show that he/she has the intention to return to his/her home country. Also, the reason of the visit should be expressed and whether it is based on an invitation from a relative or a friend or not. It is a discretionary matter from the perspective of the immigration officer to issue a visiting visa or not. If he/she is not convinced that these terms are going to materialize then the application might be refused.

In the case of refusal, the refusal doesn’t mean forever. The applicant can reapply when he/she is ready by fulfilling what is required to persuade the immigration officer to issue the Visa.
The carefully written application is essential and our office is ready to help.

Study permit

Canada has a high educational stander; therefore, it is the destination of many people who are seeking a good education. The requirement for such a visa are:

It is also a discretionary matter from the perspective of the immigration officer, which differs from one to the other. In the case of refusal, the refusal doesn’t mean it is forever. The applicant can reapply again taking care of the reasons for the refusal on the first application.

There are three benefits of having a study permit:

Our office can help you to be admitted to one of the educational institutions, and for applying for a study permit.

Super visa

It can be issued to parents or grandparents of Canadian citizens and permanent residents for visiting Canada for two years at a time. It is good for 10 years, which means it is a visa with multiple entries.

Immigration officers apply the same discretionary surveillance on the application, which they apply for every other temporary residency visa.
Our office will be pleased to help.

Work permit

Generally, employers aren’t allowed to bring foreign workers unless they get the approval of the department of human resources. Human resources department wouldn’t permit employers until they prove that the required qualified person is not available in Canada through certain procedures.

Not every work permit is based on the approval of human resources. People from the USA, Mexico if they are professionals, business visitors, intra-company transferees, or a trade of investors, are allowed to apply for a work permit without Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) and the approval of human resources, according to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Also, another agreement, which is the General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS), and the Canada-Chile Free Trade Agreement (CCFTA) have the same effect, where it doesn’t need (LMIA).

Recently, Atlantic Provinces and the Federal government reached an agreement where designated employers at the Atlantic Provinces can provide a job offer without LMIA with easy terms to immigrate and obtain a permanent resident visa. Work experience is not needed for International students and language requirement is just CLB4 for. The type of jobs are:

Also, a proof of funds, which it must be good enough to support the applicant for a year unless he/she is already working.
The above program, fluctuate between the work permit, which is based on temporary visa, but it might lead to a permanent visa.

Frequently Asked Questions

The measurement is based on age, education , experience, and English of French Language.