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Provincial Immigration Programs

Provincial Immigration Programs

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Provincial Immigration Programs

Immigrants are one of the major factors that are needed for expanding and growing of the Canadian economy, but the need for immigrants differs from one province to the other. Therefore, the Federal Government reached an agreement with the provinces , which gives them the right to set up their own programs (Provincial Immigration Programs) which cover their economic needs.

Generally speaking, the terms for the applicant admission are a little bit more relaxed than Federal programs in respect of language skills and age. However, they grant preference to whoever has a job offer in their provinces or earned a degree from one of their educational institutions. In addition, they want to make sure that the applicant will settle in their province.

The provinces would like to attract capital to their provinces as well, so they set up programs where they ask for experience, basic English knowledge, and a business plan to convince the provincial immigration department that the business establishment would be beneficial in terms of growth, and in terms of providing job opportunities to the population of the province.

Whoever gets the nomination of the province will gain 600 points, which is good enough to receive an invitation to apply, according to the latest withdrawals.

Frequently Asked Questions

The measurement is based on age, education , experience, and English of French Language.