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How foreigners can get a job in Canada

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The Canadian immigration policy

Dear followers, this time I am going to tell you something that is very important to understand so you don’t waste your time looking for something that is not attainable which is the following:
Most of the people who contact me ask for a job or studying or immigrating permanently to live in Canada. However, the Canadian Government has different terms for each program for admission.

The procedures for getting a job in Canada is not similar to the way of getting a job in Saudi Arabia or UAE or anywhere else where the job seeker searches for an employer who needs his / her service and then the employer has a free hand to hand out the job offer to the job seeker.

Canadian Government is involved in the process just to protect the Canadian job market so employers can not hire foreigners without its approval and the approval is based on the activities of the employer who is looking for a certain talent or experience and he/she isn’t able to find it in the Canadian labor market, which can be proved by advertising for three months through the internet by prominent webs who are specialized in the job marketing, then the employer can apply for the approval of his/her request.

The application has to be accompanied with fee, currently, it is one thousand Canadian dolor unless the job offer for someone who is in the pool of candidates then fees are not required.
When the employer gets the approval of the Human Resources department then he/she can hand out the approval to the prospective employee where he/she submits an application to the immigration department for having a work permit.

The application has to be accompanied with all the documents which prove that the prospective employee has the required qualification to do the job and soon they approve that he/she is qualified then immigration department issues the work permit.

But there are exceptions to this rule and they are many.
Some applicants can get the job offer without the burden of going through the procedures of having the approval of the Human Resources by the employer because the Canadian government has treaties with some other foreign government like “NAFTA” which is a treaty include Canada, USA, and Mexico that allow any individual who has the citizenship of one of these countries can get a job offer from another country’s employer who is part of the treaty.
For example: a Canadian employer can issue a job offer to a Mexican without having the approval of Human Resources but the prospective employee has to submit an application to the immigration department supported by the job offer document and other documents to prove that the prospective employee has the required qualification in order to have a work permit in Canada.

Exceptions are many and what I mentioned is just to illustrate the ides of exceptions so some of them are based on treaties and some are based on the type of the job that is needed.

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